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Communication devices by Smartbox 

Our communication aids provide you with a complete AAC solution tailored to fit your individual needs. 

Our most flexible solution for people with complex access and communication needs. 

The new Grid Pad is a dedicated device designed in collaboration with AAC users. 

A long 15-hour battery life, rugged design and multiple access options ensure you always have your voice. 

Grid Pad

Touch Pad

Fast and portable communication. Touch Pad is a lightweight (2.2 lb) device, perfect for AAC users who need a fast and portable way to communicate. It has a long battery life, clear amplified sound, and is powered by our flagship Grid software.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 5.50.55 PM.png

Alternative Access

We offer a range of the most effective access technology to help you efficiently and accurately control your device.

Grid 3 

All our communication aids are powered by Grid 3. This software empowers people with disabilities to communicate, control their environment and control their Windows computer. You can use Grid 3 with every type of access, from eye gaze and switch technology to touch and pointing devices. 

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