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Touch Pad

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Fast and portable communication

Touch Pad is a lightweight (2.2 lb) device, perfect for AAC users who need a fast and portable way to communicate. It has a long battery life, clear amplified sound, and is powered by our flagship Grid software.


Designed for users of all ages

Touch Pad is designed for touch users of all ages. The device is built around a powerful Microsoft Surface Go tablet, with a tough case – making it ideal for users who want a light, portable communication aid to run Grid software


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Key features

-Lightweight 1kg device

-8 hours battery life

-Rugged case

-Amplified speaker

-Handle and adjustable stand

-Flagship Grid AAC software for communication

-Anti-glare display

-Adjustable strap and carry bag

-Magnetic charging ports

-Unlimited technical support

-2 year warranty

Powered by Grid 3 

Touch Pad comes with Grid 3, our flagship software for alternative communication. Grid 3 includes a wide range of robust resources, designed for people of all ages with different levels of literacy.

With Grid 3, you can do so much more than speak!

  • Stay in touch with family and friends using email, SMS and Facebook

  • Stay entertained with built in music, video, YouTube and camera

  • Stay connected with the accessible web browser

You can start exploring Grid 3 today with a free 60 day trial that works on Windows.

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Technical Specs

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