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Who we are

At Grasp it is our goal to improve the lives of people with special needs. We do this by providing our clients with the most advanced assistive technology solutions from around the globe.  Our team of specialists have been pairing clients with technology for over 20 years, and our trusted partners are leading AT manufacturers and distributors. Together we have both global reach and the ability to meet our clients' specific needs. Our amazing partners go to work everyday because they want to improve the lives of others, and that's why we love them. 


We help bring independence to our clients, and it makes us proud. 







Our founder, Maggie Mahoney, is an assistive technology practitioner specializing in AAC and alternative access.  Her passion for this industry began in university where she learned how technology could be used to bridge the independence gap for people with disabilities. Following a rewarding career in the clinical sector as a Rehabilitation Engineer she transitioned to the commerical side of the AT industry. For the last 20+ years Maggie has worked with many of the leading AT and AAC companies in both the United States and Europe. Members of the GrapsAT team of associates include assistive technologists, speech and language pathologists, and engineers.  

Maggie Mahoney BSBE, ATP, Grasp AT Founder



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