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Turn the joystick of your wheelchair into a mouse to control your computer, compatible tablets and smartphones. BJOY Ring is placed over your wheelchair's original joystick in a non-invasive way. Choose between the two versions available: BJOY Ring and BJOY Ring wireless.


  • Turn your wheelchair’s joystick into your mouse.

    BJOY Ring is a USB device that allows using the joystick of your wheelchair as a mouse to control the computer.With no additional adjustment, you can control and access all your favourite applications.

    BJOY Ring wireless is a USB device that allows you to convert the joystick of your wheelchair into a mouse to control your computer and compatible tablets and smartphones wirelessly.
    The detection ring is connected to a transmitter paired to the receiver, which is plugged to the device that you want to control.Each transmitter can be paired up to 4 receivers to be used with different devices or in different places.

    Both are part of the BJOY range of products.
    -Control and access your favourite applications from your wheelchair's joystick
    -Use your mouse in an accurate and comfortable way from your wheelchair's joystick.
    -Get to your favourite applications in an easy and simple way.
    -Use your favourite switches to make the clicks
    -Use the external switches that suits you the most to make the clicks.
    -Use the BJOY software in order to modify the mouse operation features like the pointer speed, orientation, buttons functions and many others.
    -All settings are stored in the device. There's no need to configure the mouse if used with different devices.

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