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My Own Voice

My-Own-Voice is a software program that allows you to synthetically recreate your own voice through the process of voice banking. My-Own-Voice creates a synthetic voice, very much like the user's own, that can be employed with an assistive device to read any text keeping the essence of the original voice in terms of timber, accent, and intonation. 

  • Web service makes it easy for anyone to create a synthetic voice.

  • The service presents the user with about 350 sentences that the user needs to record into the system. These sentences will then be processed and used to create the text-to-speech voice. Available in 15 languages. 

  • Once the synthetic voice has been created it can be used for free in a type&talk box on the website, or it can be purchased for use with SAPI on Windows, with Google TTS API on Android, or in a partner application.

  • The service is free until you decide to use the voice in a specific application, giving you the possibility to test and verify the quality of the voice, or even re-record it, before purchasing anything.

  • Do you want to create your voice? Please contact us and provide us with some background information about yourself – why do you want to create your own voice and how would you like to use the voice? We’ll get back to you with login information so you can access the service and start your free recording.

More about voice banking

On the latest episode of TechKnow our founder, Maggie Mahoney, talks about the latest voice banking technology to support those who may loose the ability to speak.  TechKnow is a science show sharing stories "at the intersection of hardware and humanity." 

Watch a portion of the program here.

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