Quha Zono

Quha Zono is a wireless gyroscopic mouse designed for individuals with special needs. It gives you accurate and intuitive access to Windows, Mac, & Android devices. 

Motion Controlled

The Quha Zono adapted mouse makes it possible to use a computer in a flexible way, when you cannot use an ordinary mouse. 

Pixel Perfect

Uncompromised precision for head mouse users

Easy to use

Simply plug and play

Quha Zono 2 

Quha Zono 2 is an improved version of the Quha Zono mouse. Quha Zono 2 has all features of Quha Zono and a bunch of very useful new features.


Quha Zono 2 features in addition to Quha Zono


-Gestures (predefined motion patterns) to activate common features such as cursor pausing, window scrolling and cursor centering.

-Head Mount Kit wearing option is included.

-Quha Dwell software license for Windows 10 is included.

-Doubled battery usage time between charging.

-Configurable switch functionality.

-Stylish black cover.


Ways to wear

The Quha Zono is an extremely lightweight device, and since it is completely wireless there are endless ways to wear it.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions Length 59 mm, width 33mm, height 15 mm and weight 23g

  • Wireless connection 2.45 GHz radiolink, operates up to 10m

  • Battery Li-Po (Litium-polymer) 240 mAh. Active use time 30 hours, in automatic idle mode up to 20 days

  • USB Receiver USB 2.0 HID, includes 3.5mm stereo connector to connect either one switch directly or two switches with the included adapter.


Puff switches

Have even more control of your computer when you use our specialty puff switches to activate mouse clicks. With the Pufo or Sento your clicking and cursor movements are precise and intuitive. 

Technology Showcase

Learn more about the Quha Zono in this short video, and see what our users have to say. 

Quha Nemo

The Quha Nemo is a hands-free charging and docking station, making the Quha Zono more accessible than ever.

Quha Zono making a difference in California!

“The Zono mouse offers a one of a kind accessibility!”

“I would definitely recommend this device to others”