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Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds is our latest collection of activities designed for children and adults starting out with eye gaze. Following the popularity of Look to Learn, these 26 new activities focus on interactive visual scenes, music and sounds.

Each activity is designed to develop a different skill required for eye gaze access. Customizable content and the built in analysis tool will help you to discover the true potential of a user.

Scenes and Sounds

  • There are 3 categories of activity in Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds.

    •Scenes - A collection of interactive visual scenes
    The interactive visual scenes will develop the ability to look around the whole screen and focus on specific objects.

    •Sounds - Fun activities based on music and sound
    Music and sound have always been great motivators and these activities let you perform as well as listen.

    •Skills - Designed to develop eye gaze skills further.
    The Skills category features activities with some familiar characters and a few funny surprises!

    Assessment and Analysis
    Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds has been created in conjunction with teachers and therapists from across the UK with a focus on the need for real evidence of the ability of a user.

    The option to customise some of the content maximises the engagement with the user.
    The analysis tool creates a heat map to show where the user has looked on the screen during an activity. Heat maps can be saved, printed and used to measure progress and record successes.
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