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The Sento is a wireless, contactless puff switch to use with the Quha Zono Gyroscopic Mouse. Quha Zono has given you complete control over devices wirelessly. With the addition of Sento, the world’s first contactless puff switch, your clicking and cursor movements are precise and intuitive. Sento improves your user experience with almost any device imaginable.
Using Sento is easy to learn and adapt to your personal puff volume. The unique design supports seamless and comfortable usage; you can finally move from just controlling your devices to navigating freely in your personal way. It is an essential addition to the Quha product family.

Quha Sento

  • Technical Specifications

    Contents-Quha Sento Contactless Puff Switch, Headband for Quha Sento, User Manual
    Weight-44 g including Headband without Quha Zono
    Compatibility-Compatible with Quha Zono gyroscopic mouse and Quha universal connection adapter*
    Dimensions-Headband size medium. Adjustable puff sensor arm length 210 mm.
    Connector-Connector for Quha Zono
    Conformance-CE, FCC
    Material-Polyamide PA 2200. Approved for food contact in compliance with the EU Plastics Directive 2002/72/EC. FDA approval according to US Biological test (classification VI/121°C)
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