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BJOY Hand is an ultra sensitive joystick designed to be used with a slight movement of your finger. Thanks to the ergonomic design and very sensitive joystick, these small-sized mice can be hold in one hand and allow to access the computer. 

The BJOY Hand A device is based on a progressive joystick that allows moving the mouse cursor in all directions.

The BJOY Hand C device is based on a microswitch joystick that allows to control the mouse cursor easily, it moves only in 4 or 8 directions.


  • The BJOY Hand A is based on a very sensitive analogue joystick intended for people with minimal strength in their hands and fingers. Designed to be comfortably and ergonomically used with one hand.

    The BJOY Hand C is based on a very sensitive microswitch joystick that requires minimal strength and accuracy to be used.Designed to be comfortably and ergonomically used with one hand.

    Both are part of the BJOY range of products: can be tailored to the user needs and capabilities and the operation can be customised using the BJOY Software.

    BJOY allows you to create your own custom mouse!
    -Designed to be used with only one hand
    -Use your mouse with precision and minimal finger strength.
    -Get to your favourite applications in an easy and simple way.
    -Personalise your mouse to be suited to your needs. We make it at your request, based on your individual needs.
    -Plug & Play device compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
    -Use the BJOY software in order to modify the mouse operation features like the pointer speed, orientation, buttons functions and many others.
    -All settings are saved in the device so you can take them with you wherever you go.
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