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Mounting Solutions by Rehadapt

We offer intuitive, reliable, and flexible mounting solutions.  Rehadapt products are designed and manufactured for strength and precision, and are for use with any assistive technology device.  

Custom mounts

Rehadapt mounts are engineered from end to end to be flexible, rugged, quick and easy, universal, economic, esthetic, and lightweight.


With the help of Rehadapt engineers we can custom design a mount to meet your individual needs. We send you a proposal with the virtual solution for your review.

Just be in touch and we can help!

Table top mounts 

Our table top product range ensures sturdy mounting for all types of devices. Whether you want to place the device on top of something (leveling for uneven surfaces) or whether you want to clamp to a piece of furniture - we have a solution. 

Wheelchair mounts

We offer a wide range of possibilities for mounting any kind of device onto any kind of wheelchair. Our system is easy to use and quick to adjust even without tools.


Our floorstands provide a great mount even if there is nothing to mount to. Lying in a bed, sitting in a recliner chair or even on a bean bag? We have options to hold your device in an ergonomic and stable position.

Switch mounts 

This line offers a lean and sleek design while providing stability and adjustability. Made with aircraft grade, ultrastrong aluminium tubes.  Options available for all type of switches and other accessories. 

Mounting solutions are customized for the individual user.  Please contact us for assistance through the selection process.

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