Grid Pad Pro 

Our Grid Pad Pro devices enable you to communicate and control the world around you. Packed full of features, the Grid Pad Pro includes high quality audio, multiple access options, and environmental control.  And, it's all powered by Grid 3 software. The Grid Pad Pro is available in 13” and 18” versions and can be mounted on a wheelchair, desk stand or floorstand.

Our mid-sized Grid Pad Pro features an extra-long battery life. It is built around a ruggedized 13” tablet that runs Windows 10. Grid 3 runs quickly thanks to the powerful Intel Celeron 1.4 GHz processor and 8GB of memory. The hard disk is a fast 256GB solid state drive.

The Grid Pad Pro 13 includes a spare hot-swappable battery so you can continue using the device even when you are low on power.

Our largest Grid Pad Pro is often used in classrooms or mounted at the home or office. It is not suitable for wheelchair mounting. The large screen provides bigger targets that help people with some access difficulties or visual impairment. The device is built around an 18” tablet with an Intel Quad Core processor and 8GB of RAM. The hard disk is 256GB.

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Grid Pad Eye

The Grid Pad Eye is available in 13” and 18” versions. The following eye gaze cameras are available:

  • EyeTech TM5 Mini

  • Alea Intelligaze

  • MyGaze Assistive 2

  • Choose the camera that works best for you and we will setup the Grid Pad Eye with the necessary mounting plate. The two USB and switch ports provide the option for supplementary access devices to work alongside the eye gaze camera.


Including all the features of the Pro model but with integrated eye gaze access. The Grid Pad Eye is available with a wide range of cameras to suit individual need.

Access Options

You can access the Grid Pad Pro using the responsive touch screen. We can also provide key guards to suit your specific needs.

There are also two switch ports available and the option for wireless switch input using the Wireless Joycable accessory. The headphone socket will split the sound ready for auditory scanning.

Two spare USB ports allow for other alternative access devices to be used with the Grid Pad Pro, including a head mouse, joystick or eye gaze. 


Powered by Grid 3 

Power Pad comes with Grid 3, our flagship software for alternative communication. Grid 3 includes a wide range of robust resources, designed for people of all ages with different levels of literacy.

With Grid 3, you can do so much more than speak!

  • Stay in touch with family and friends using email, SMS and Facebook

  • Stay entertained with built in music, video, YouTube and camera

  • Stay connected with the accessible web browser


You can start exploring Grid 3 today with a free 60 day trial that works on Windows.

Technical Specs

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