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Grid 3- Do so much more

Grid 3 is the complete AAC software package empowering people with disabilities to communicate, control their environment and access their computer. You can use Grid 3 with every type of access, from eye gaze and switch technology to touch and pointing devices. With Grid 3 you can do so much more than speak!

Introducing Grid 3

Grid 3 includes a wide range of robust resources, designed for people of all

ages with different levels of literacy. 


Beautifully simple

Grid 3 has an intuitive user interface that looks great too! the design and styling makes your grids look fantastic and simpler to use.

Endless possibilities

Whether you're new to assistive technology or a technology whizz, Grid 3 supports you through your day-to-day life with ready-made grid sets available for you to get started right away.

First of its kind

After years of research and development Grid 3

raises the bar for assistive technology, featuring 

patented technology not available in any other 

software. Grid 3 is a complete software solution and provides a breadth of tools and features.

Easy Editing

Creating and personalizing content in Grid 3 is simple and intuitive.  You can achieve everything within only a few clicks and it is quicker than ever to make changes on the go using the touch-friendly interface.

Grid Sets For Everything

Grid 3 is a complete solution designed to work for everyone. The software is split into six areas that provide all the tools you need, from symbol and text communication to computer and environment control.  

Symbol Communication 

Speak with symbols and build literacy with core vocabulary and a huge range of resources. Grid 3 has unrivalled options, features and resources for people using symbols for communication.

Text Communication

Smart keyboards built for fast typing with many access methods help you say what you want. If you use text to communicate we have ground breaking tools to get your message across faster than ever.

Interactive Learning 

This completely new area provides an engaging and dynamic way to learn and explore through animated activities

Accessible Apps

Accessible apps in Grid 3 enable you to browse the web, use social media and so much more.

Environmental Control 

Take control of the world around you by operating anything from your television to your telephone.

Computer Control 

You can also control all aspects of your computer and use any program you want: at home at school or at work.

Access Options

From pointing devices to touch screens, eye gaze to switches; Grid 3 has innovative new features that make alternative access easier and more effective.

Remote Editing

The support you can receive from family and professionals is unlimited with all new Remote Editing, where anyone you wish to have access to your user profile and grid sets can login and edit wherever they are in the world.

All they need is a free trial version of Grid 3 and your login details.

Online Grids 

Join the Online Grids community and download grid sets from other users straight into Grid 3, or share your grid sets with the world. Simply export or add grids, all from within Grid 3.

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