Grasp the Power of Assistive Technology

Independence is a universal human need. But often, people with disabilities are left with limited communication skills and reduced 

independence. This is where assistive technology comes in. Assistive technologies are designed to help individuals fully participate

in the world around them.  Think of what we do as "returning independence through technology." 

Grasp is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and innovative products designed for the improvement of speech, communication,

learning, and independence. Grasp is run by a team of assistive technology specialists and speech and language pathologists.  We are here to help families, healthcare professionals, and organizations, while providing solutions and assistance to individuals of all ages and skill levels.


"Independence is happiness."

      - Susan B. Anthony

Product Spotlight

The new Touch Pad by Smartbox is a lightweight (2.2 lb) device, perfect for AAC users who need a fast and portable way to communicate. It has a long battery life, clear amplified sound, and is powered by our flagship Grid software.


"My name is Katherine Quinn. I am 18 years old and I have cerebral palsy. My muscles don’t work right, but my brain works just fine.  I have previously tried a headmouse, but it was difficult to use, then I heard about the Quha products from Maggie Mahoney at Grasp. With the Quha mouse I can easily upload a video on YouTube and read ebooks all by myself. Another great thing about the Quha mouse is that you can move around with it – this is very important for me as sometimes my body moves by itself and I can’t control it. I would definitely recommend this device to others. I would like to thank Maggie for helping my mom to get the funding."


Thanks for reading, 

Katherine Quinn


"My wife recently began to require a speech aid to communicate with the world.  She had tried multiple devices with nothing that really worked out for her.... until we met Maggie Mahoney at Grasp Assistive Technologies. Maggie worked diligently with our health coverage to find the most appropriate device at reasonable cost. The people at Grasp have such compassion for the people they help, and they go the extra mile. It is clear that Maggie does this not because she has to, but because that is who she is. For that I thank Grasp for being a light in this darkness that my family is going through." 



Basil Mukhtar

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